Pivo Unboxing, Review, and First Reactions

Imagine recording yourself a video and being tracked in every movement you make even without help from anyone. Sounds impossible? Nope, cause it just happened as I received a gear that’s a game-changer especially for vloggers. I’ve made an unboxing video where I opened up an item that I have ordered at Kickstarter. And if you have never heard about it, Kickstarter is a platform where you can see a list of different potential projects that may or may not go through depends whether a project has enough backers before they actually produce a product. Interesting, right? Now, let me share with you this amazing gear named Pivo.

I was so excited to open the package even though it took a while before it gets to my place. The Pivo box prompted me with its case, a chord, mount, remote control, and other little accessories that are necessary for setting up the gear. I actually ordered their bundle, a Pivo gear with a turntable. It was amazing to see that the product comes with an instruction since I’ve made a lot of unboxing videos and most of these products didn’t have a quick starter guide at all.

How does Pivo work?

A Pivo is a gear where you can sync its app on your mobile phone. Once the gear and the app are set up, you can now record a video or live stream on your phone. Pivo’s edge is its ability to track every movement of an object or a recognized face within the video. I tried it myself and it was fun to see the result. Watch my video below.

This gear works really well for me and I’m so excited to take it to a racetrack to see if it can also track fast objects like a racecar. I’m gonna give this a two thumbs up!

Head over to this link if you want to experience this great product. Or if you have already got your own Pivo share your experience with us in the comment section.


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