Canon 80D vs SL2 | Which is my favorite camera

Are you planning to buy a new camera? Or maybe you are someone who’s looking for a camera to get started with shooting video. Either of these questions, you are probably here because you also want to know something about Canon cameras particularly 80D or the SL2. Let me share with you the difference between the two and what are their common key features.

Canon Cameras

I am very happy with both my Canon cameras, 80D and SL2. They have their own functions that I love and I bought them for different reasons. It all started when I purchased my Canon Rebel T6 Series, however, it didn’t have a microphone jack so I looked for the one that has it. This is the beginning of why I have the two cameras that I am featuring in this blog. Let’s see what’s with these cameras.

Canon SL2

After discovering that my Canon Rebel T6 series doesn’t have the function that I needed, I bought my next camera. The SL2 camera, absolutely, has a microphone jack. How cool is that! I was able to record a video with clear audio. It’s a smaller size and lighter weight at 15.87 ounces. Its menu structure is perfect for beginners and can be easily navigated.

Canon 80D

I thought my SL2 was a great fit for my every need, however, as time passed by I realized the need to monitor the sound my video while shooting it. So I bought another camera, Canon 80D. While this gets both, the microphone and headphones, it is a little expensive since both of the said features are in one camera. 80D is bigger than SL2, it is heavier at 25.78 ounces. Plus, it has a pretty much complex menu structure that needs further familiarity, especially for new beginners.

Common Features

Despite the slight differences and upfront functions, both the cameras have common key features too.

  • Camera lenses are interchangeable with other Canon EF-S lenses
  • Crop frame cameras with smaller capture size, less expensive than full frame cameras
  • With flip out screen to make sure you’re in a frame


If you’re just starting out, I would recommend SL2 because it is easy to use. It helps you set up the settings. Though overall, I would recommend both of them and I’d buy each of them again in a heartbeat. If something happened to one of them I probably would replace them with the same camera and continue to have this set right into two. It’s just perfect for me.

Have you used any of these cameras? Share with us what you like about them. Comment below!

My Canon 80D stops recording at 29 mins and 59 seconds.