How I Find Music for my Videos | A Quick Tour of Epidemic Sound

“Where to find music that can be used for videos?”

One of the big questions that most people thought about when making videos is “where to find music that can be used for videos?”. It can be an overwhelming task to find music on the internet cause there’s really a lot of them. However, it’s not that simple to just use them cause not all is copyright-free music. Glad that I found a one good source of music. Let me introduce to you the service I’ve been using few years now, the Epidemic Sound.

Good Source of Copyright-free Sound and Music

I struggled with sourcing copyright-free music for my videos, not until I discovered Epidemic Sound. These guys have really made it easy to browse and find the exact right clip for a video, whether it’s music or sound effect. In fact, Epidemic Sound totally worth for me. At $15 a month I get to access to so much music, sound effects, and everything I need for my video. It’s like a paradise for sound and video editors.

Here’s a quick video tutorial of Epidemic Sound. I made this so I can walk you through the software and see how you can easily use it.
With the smooth and light process that I experienced, I decided to let you guys in on the fun with this video tutorial. With such a wide variety of music, I am sure Epidemic Sound will have exactly what you need to bring more to your videos.
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