RODE Video Mic Go Unboxing | Testing it out for the first time

Have you experienced shooting a video, wherein you have done all your thing and upon hitting the stop button, you realized that it doesn’t have a sound. Why? Cause the microphone is off on the entire shoot. Isn’t it frustrating? I know how it feels cause I can no longer remember how many times this unfortunate event happened to me. 

I have struggled with microphones and audio. The RODE Video Mic Go is the latest addition to my gear, so I made this video to help you all out in deciding what microphone equipment you should go with. I’ve been a user of RODE Video Mic for several years already and I can say that I’m happy with this microphone though we kinda have a love/hate relationship because of the battery issues, I should say.

Despite the issue that I had with RODE, it’s still one of the best gears that I got. That’s why, I create this video to test out this Mic Go. Let’s hear the difference between the two set up microphones, then judge for yourself whether they’re both equal quality. Watch the video below.

As you watched the video, you’ll notice whether the two set up have quality difference. Some of my Youtube viewers commented that there’s slight to zero difference when it comes to the sound quality. But I’ll ket you judge for yourself. 

For me the RODE Video Mic Go is perfect since it plugs into the camera for power, and does not have an external battery. I like this microphone because of that fact alone but I’ll let you judge for yourself.

I mentioned the Switchpod. You can get yours at: http://bit.ly/35cwgGh

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