RODE Video Mic Go Unboxing and Review

RODE Video Mic Go Unboxing | Testing it out for the first time

There’s nothing worse than shooting a video, and then you go to pose, you’re going to get ready to edit, and then you find out it has no sound. This struggle is real.

I have struggled with microphones and audio. The RODE Video Mic Go is the latest addition to my gear, so I made this video to help you all out in deciding what microphone equipment you should go with. I have had a love/hate relationship with my first RODE Video Mic, because of battery issues. What issues you ask? Well, remembering to charge the battery for one. I have also turned the mic off to conserve battery, only to forget to turn it back on while shooting video.

Plus, in this video, you’ll hear the difference between the two set up microphones, and then you can judge for yourself whether they’re both equal quality.

For me the RODE Video Mic Go is perfect since it plugs into the camera for power, and does not have an external battery. I like this microphone because of that fact alone but I’ll let you judge for yourself.

I mentioned the Switchpod. You can get yours at: