Mailchimp vs ConvertKit vs Flodesk | Finding the perfect email marketing software

Build a list, build a list, build a list. It seems like that is all I heard when I started promoting my business was email marketing. I held back at first, but when I got started, I found a whole new set of challenges. Which is the best software to use for building this magical list and sending emails?

Flodesk is the third in the line of email service providers that I’ve used for my personal emails, I started at MailChimp, went to ConvertKit, and now I’m at Flodesk. Let me break this down, tell you why, and give you some things to look for if you’re choosing an email service provider.

The Goldilocks Triangle

You’ve probably heard that adage about services where you need to choose from good, fast or cheap. You can generally have two out of three, but not all three.

Now I’m going to make my own Goldilocks triangle, as I like to say, with email service providers, and we’re going to talk about performance, ease of use and cost. Each of those is a very important factor.


Let’s start with performance. When it comes to email service providers, the performance aspect refers to the deliverability of emails. Will the emails you send actually arrive in someone’s inbox? Or will they be marked as promotions or spam? That’s a really really huge factor.

Deliverability rankings change all the time. I’d heard some good things about Flodesk. MailChimp is not known for having great deliverability. ConvertKit, on the other hand, is known for fantastic deliverability. That means that when I send people an email, they actually get it in their inbox so that they can open it. I am actually experiencing the same thing with Flodesk. I’ve literally just made the move. I’ve only sent out a few emails, but I’m already seeing some positive results.

The 2 winners for Performance are ConvertKit and Flodesk.

Ease of Use

The next thing we can look at is ease of use. Now in this one, MailChimp is very easy to use right out of the gate. It’s very intuitive and straightforward. It’s very, very simple. Sometimes, actually, a little bit too simple.

Now when we go over to ConvertKit, it’s not as intuitive, and it’s more difficult. It can do a lot of stuff and it’s incredibly powerful. However, after being there with ConvertKit for over a year and a half, two years, something like that, I still don’t actually know how to use all of the tools and functions, And I’ve tried. It’s a little bit difficult, so they score low on the difficulty scale.

For Flodesk, it’s actually simple and it’s straightforward. They really simplify it, but yet you still have powerful capabilities. There is segmentation and the ability to deliver freebies for the people who opt in to your list.

In the easy of use category, the winners are MailChimp and Flodesk.


Now, let’s talk about cost. MailChimp is very cheap. In fact, it’s free for I think the first 1000 or 2000, subscribers on your list. After that, there is tiered pricing. Mailchimp has expanded their service offerings since I left, but prices go up as the list grows.

We can compare that to ConvertKit, I don’t really want to say prices because it’s probably going to vary from year to year, but we’re talking about hundreds of dollars for a year. They offer tiered pricing depending on the number of subscribers on your list.

Now let’s talk about Flodesk. This is a newer software that is still technically in their Beta phase. They’re coming out of the gate with $39 a month. And that is a lifetime deal. HOWEVER, I am an affiliate and I can offer a special deal to my readers. You can get 50% off at a rate of $19 a month for the lifetime of your account with an unlimited number of subscribers.

And that’s really the big big thing.

You know who wins in the cost category. MailChimp and Flodesk.


As you can see, Flodesk is three out of three. It’s easy to use. It’s got great deliverability and the cost is so much lower.


Now, I do have a bonus reason as well. MailChimp offers some good looking emails. ConvertKit has the philosophy that people want to just read typed words like you’re writing somebody a letter rather than having pictures. They say the lack of pictures increases deliverability.

I could start a whole controversy on the internet, talking about having pictures in email versus just text and how that affects deliverability. Official results are mixed. Personally, I haven’t seen any difference in deliverability between ConvertKit and Flodesk.

With Flodesk, my email is not just getting into inboxes, but it’s also looking good at the same time.

Try it for yourself

I encourage you to follow my link. You’ll get a free trial and then if you decide to sign up you’ll get it for half price at only $19 per month.

Let me know about your experience. Is email something you’re getting started with? Drop in a comment and let me know. And if you’ve got some questions about Flodesk, feel free to drop those comments in too.

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