Amazbox Review

Reviewing The January Amazebox from Limelife by Alcone

I really enjoyed doing this Amazebox review, it is such a great value! As an entrepreneur it is hard to find time to research the latest and greatest beauty products. I decided to jump on the bandwagon of subscription boxes.

Limelife by Alcone

I started getting the Amazebox around the middle of last year to stay up to date on products, but it has been so much more than that. I don’t usually look for things outside of my normal routine, so the Amazebox really helped me branch out.

Limelife already has so many great products that I use, eyeliner, mascara, their led lit mirror, the list goes on. So I was excited to cut into this box.

What Is Inside?

This months box is black and white themed, it is actually very cute. First there is a sticker, there is always a fun little sticker. I love their samples, and this box came with two. The first one I see is the Skin Therapy Pomegranate and Oat Face Moisturizer.

I have a saying that once you find your keys, you don’t have to keep looking for them. So when I find something that fits perfectly I refer to it as finding my keys. However, with moisturizers I have not found my keys yet. That is why I am excited this box had a new one to try out.

The next item is a full sized eyeliner pen. I already use the eyeliner pens, because the felt tip makes applying easy. Up next is the Perfect Mascara, which is also a full sized product that I already use. These two items alone already make this months Amazebox worth the price.

But Wait There Is More

The fourth product is the First Base Makeup Primer. Primers are really easy and help keep my makeup in place. Next up is the Oil Strike Makeup Finishing Spray, which is also a must for keeping makeup in place. I see a empty palate in here, so I was excited to see the Perfect Translucent Powder was included to go inside it. I am usually skeptical of powders because they tend to get caught up in my wrinkles. But I am hopeful that these three products combined will help keep my makeup in place and give me a nice polished look.

Next up is the Dream Clean Aloe and Soapberry Face Cleanser. I might give it a try, but probably wont like it…just being honest. The last thing we have is the Perfect Lip-gloss, I was hoping there would be some kind of lip product in here. I like the way this gloss feels, it is also very shiny. I like their lip-glosses, I have really been enjoying their reds.

What Do You Think?

I am very satisfied with this months Amazebox. Their subscription has gone up some, but it is such a great value for that all you get with it. It also helps by giving me the chance to try things out that I normally wouldn’t pick out for myself. Do you think this box was a deal? Do you have subscription boxes you are in love with? Share them with me in the comments, I would love to know.

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