Tips For Working From Home

Waking up in the morning, sipping a cup of coffee, and walking to my office just few steps away from my room — a less than an hour routine to start my day and work. Sounds convenient, right? Let me tell you this, I’ve been doing this for several years now and it’s such a privilege for me. However, it isn’t just about the comfort, it’s about discipline at the same time. I’ll be honest, it’s not always easy. That’s why I am pleased to give you some tips and talk about the pros and cons of working from home.

Designate a Work Space

When I moved into my apartment I didn’t even have all of my other furniture, but I had an office. Having a designated spot is an essential when you work from home. Others say they comfortably work on the bed or from the sofa, however, there’s no way that I can really try to make that work for me. (We have unique preferences anyway.) Having a designated workspace makes you feel like you’re working. You get the freedom to do what you’re working on, and being away from random distractions at home. And when you work, make sure you take regular breaks too.

Set a Schedule and Create Routines

Even working at home you have to set your work hours such as when to start, when to end, and when to take breaks during the day. Creating a routine is important. In my case, it’s like a morning or a closeout routine. My routine tends to be a cyclical daily deal to which I have particular work on a particular schedule, especially that I am also an entrepreneur I have so many different disciplines to do. This definitely makes things a little bit easier.

Use Video Conference

There’s lot of tools and apps out there today, it could either be FaceTime on an iPhone or Zoom for video conferencing, or Facebook Messenger. Lots of options available, they are not exactly the same as face to face, but it’s still one step beyond phone calls and far beyond text messages. This just brings you to a point where you want to see a human on the other end of the line. We definitely don’t want to cage ourself. We still want to see human, virtually.

Take Some Online Training

Freedom and internet are the basic things that someone has when working from home, taking an online training brings you to different places. No matter what kind of subject you want it is always an edge that you learn new things from time to time. We are on the generation where technology changes things in a snap so we have to keep up!

There’s always the downside of working from home. Having your home a home and an office at once can be really lonely, it can be really tough, and connecting to people is a helpful way to get rid of feeling alone. One great tip is to be part of some Facebook groups where you see people with same interest as yours. Just make sure you don’t get stuck into social media, it can be a real hang-up. You can handle it through proper time management. Use a Time Cube. I have a whole separate video talking about my favorite and fun productivity hack. It’s a great way to deal with distractions.

Working from home is a new normal in this generation it’s not as simple as staying at home and earn, it’s still like working in a conventional office but with the convenience of being at home. You just have to have a discipline and make use of the internet the best out it. I hope these tips help you be successful with this new challenge, working from home.