Coronavirus and Racing Marketing

There’s a lot going on with coronavirus and it’s affecting all of us. And with the racing industry that we belong to, how does it affects us? In this blog, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about this new normal specifically about racing with sponsorship and marketing.

At first, I thought this coronavirus would just only happen to those people out there. It felt like it’s really not going to affect us. But when we see NASCAR doing some cancellations, same as with the NBA, the NCAA, and the Major League Baseball, it really is a wake up call. This immediately made me think, how does that gonna affect racing.

Surely, as a racer, you might be thinking how you can keep up your  marketing as we live in to this new normal made by the pandemic. We have Facebook group for racers who want to level up their race team marketing. The whole purpose of this support group is to talk about marketing and sponsorship. Just in time, with what’s happening during this pandemic. Let’s say you got sponsorship deals and your sponsors are expecting payback, how would manage that amidst the pandemic? 

Utilize Social Media

With what’s happening during the pandemic, see what is the positive and opportunity that we can take from this. We don’t know what’s going to happen next therefore, go ahead and prepare. Start with social media. I recommend to start creating and posting on your Facebook page. That way you can start interacting with your fans. As your audience builds, it gives you something to offer to both your sponsors that are existing and potential sponsors in the future. 

Connect with your fans and with your sponsors so you could deliver the value in a different way. Here’s one good practice that I’ve planned to put together, initiate Facebook challenge, that in each day you’d take an action to encourage others to do the same. This would last for 3 days. In our Winning Motorsports Marketing group, I support this group by providing action prompts, photos, and caption templates that racers could use when posting on their Facebook page. This is a good way to kickstart your page cause I believe there will be racers who wouldn’t know what to post on their page.

This is just a sample that I impart with racers as a marketer. It’s better to start planting your seeds and build foundation of things. Over the course of time it’s going to benefit you. Comment down below what’s your stumbling block that helps you cope up with the coronavirus situation. If you like this blog, check out my other blogs about racing.

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