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What a gift certificate has to do with sponsorship?

Back when I was still new to my business, there was an event when I felt so disappointed. It was a time when I sponsored a racing event, I provided them gift certificates for their winners. I was so excited imagining that these people who’ll get my gift certificates will use it, became my customers, and will, later on, form that good relationship with them. However, it turned out unwell because I ended up with nothing. Not even a single racing winner used the gift certificate to purchase my products. It was really heartbreaking, however, I let it slip through the crack and moved on. It was still a great event and served as a learning experience too. The question is, what did I learn from that experience?

Gift Certificates

A gift certificate is a powerful marketing material to promote your business at the same time generate sales. It’s a wise yet underrated strategy of spreading your brand to your market and at the same time leading them to purchase your products or avail of your service. Furthermore, a gift certificate is really an invitation to start a relationship with a potential sponsor.

Furthermore, a gift certificate is really an invitation to start a relationship with a potential sponsor.

Kate Dillon

It is an invitation to call back the company, start having a conversation with them. This is a good start to build a relationship with them that you need to take advantage of. We don’t know where it’s gonna lead you and it all starts from somewhere.

For Racers

I know I really had a bad yet learning experience the first time I did my sponsorship and used gift certificates as my platform. Later on, I helped sponsor a rush event at Weedsport Speedway. This time, it turned out well. Racers started thanking me for sponsoring the event. For me, it meant a lot! I was noticed, my brand gets noticed at the said event. With that said, I hit my target accomplishment of getting noticed in that racing event by being a sponsor.

For Audience

Using gift certificates gives you the opportunity to talk to your target audience. Whether it is a gift certificate from a carwash nor ice cream shop, always thank that sponsor. And that’s where the conversation starts. Gratitude is so powerful when working with people.

If you’re confused about where to start seeking out sponsors, here’s a great tip. And if you have been able to begin this process by being able to spot your target sponsors, start the next step: sending the sponsorship proposal.

I’d love to hear about your gift certificate experience. Comment yours below.