Stop Sending Sponsorship Proposals That SUCK

If you are sending proposals and wondering why you don’t get responses after sending them out, evaluate it. Try to make some research. And that maybe the reason why you’re here in my blog cause you are searching on ways how you can get proposal response.

There are so many good techniques to writing a good proposal. Some are too evident and no longer need exceptional writing skills. But why there are still instances that I received a bad sponsorship request? Continue to read as I share an example of a bad sponsorship request that I’ve received and how to avoid this. 

Acknowledge The Business

Here’s the initial part of the racer’s email that triggers everything. His email was initiated with a phrase “good morning” rather than a formal salutation. It’s a little obvious that my name is Kate as it’s what indicated in my email address. You better assume the name of the recipient based on the email address rather than making your receiver anonymous.

Offering The Wrong Proposal

The proposal indicates that they can get my company on the map. This sounds like I’m worthless because you think I can’t make this thing for my business without your help. Plus, getting me in front of thousands of race fans. Racing fans, they are the most wonderful in the world, but they are not my market. 

What’s effective?

Dozens of proposals that I’ve been receiving are just like this, there’s no connecting of the dots. To make it effective, show what you can offer to the business. Make some research about my business to know what’s in it for me. This is to answer my no. 1 question to myself of “why should I sponsor you?”.

Some Tips For You
  • Talk to them like a person.
  • Talk to them like a person. Give them one little piece that you understand who they are and what they do.
  • Taylor fit your proposal to how you can help them in their business and the ROI that you can give.

You may find this simple but try to at least do it. And to further enhance your skills in making sponsorship proposal, sign up to my Winning Motorsports Marketing course. And if you like this blog, check my other racing sponsorship related blogs here.