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Getting Started With Facebook For Your Race Team

Have you ever wondered venturing your race team on social media platform for promotions, specifically on Facebook? Sounds fun and exciting, right? Almost everything can be found on the internet and most people have their social medias. That’s why even on racing, we should adopt what the technology have. So, I am creating this blog to teach you how to create Facebook page for your race team. 

Create Facebook Page

In this video, I’ve shared a quick tip on how to create a Facebook page for your race team. It’s a simple and basic demo showing the step-by-step process of creating the page. 

Use Canva

Facebook cover photo catches audience’s attention as it has the biggest image dimension on top of the page that everyone will initially see. Watch this video to learn how to use Canva to create your cover photo. I’ll be taking you step-by-step through the entire process. In case you have never used this platform, I’ll share some of my tips and favorite tricks. 

Facebook Page Description

I created another video tutorial on how you can edit your business page description. Some just leave this section blank as they might think that it isn’t that much necessary, however, this part is important just as your display images. It’s a description that would introduce your team and make them get interested to you. 


Once your page is up, cover photo is done, and your description is completed, we are now down to the settings page. The settings page is the back-end of your Facebook page, you can set up all things that will run your page. You can set up whether your group is public or private; accept or block group members; and other more settings that you can set up to make your group according to your purpose.

Creating Facebook page looks simple and easy, however, managing it is where the challenge starts. This is a series that ran for few days to which, I did Q & A at the end of the series. Check out my Q & A about this topic in this video. I invite you to join us for more tips and tricks with regards to racing promotion and marketing. Sign up here so we could learn together as we take your race team to the next level of promoting it via social media.

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