What To Do Now For Your Race Team In The Age Of COVID-19

How does COVID-19 affects us in the racing industry? What I’m most worried about? It’s not racing nor sponsorship, it’s the racetracks. I’m seeing that people are hanging back and wondering what’s going to happen rather than taking actions.

Here’s a question that you can ask yourself, “when we get to six months or a year from now and you look back, will you be able to consider yourself that you really stepped up?”. Times may be tough right now, but here’s what you can be doing during this age of COVID-19.

A bit about my life

I’ve been working from home for so many years now, everyday I take the same 12 steps from my bedroom to my office to show up and do the same work that I was doing. I am a very positive person and gratitude is part of my life. Yet, this situation has knocked me on my ass.

racing family.. when there’s a crisis we come together, support one another.

Our situation during this pandemic has hit us so hard, and all we need is a little bit of time. I’ve had my pity party where I didn’t want to get out of the bed. Then all of a sudden, I asked myself why my world blew up. This is the reason why I am here right now showing up. If you can relate with me, I will absolutely help you. Because if there’s one thing I know about the racing family, it’s when there’s a crisis we come together, support one another.

For Racers

During this pandemic, it’s really gonna be challenging. What should you do now, as a racer, and to your racing team? Let me be your coach and take you to the next level. You are not bringing me on as a coach so I can just make you feel good, you’re bringing me on to tell you how really it is. My job as a coach is to demand something better from you and take you to a higher level.

At this moment, there will be people who are taking actions that will be farther ahead. That means, you’re further behind. Though this pandemic is a tough time, but it is also the time to get better. It’s time to try new things, learn new skills and dig deep to get stronger and fiercer. Join my SMART Racing Program. I bet you can take your racing to the next level. It’s working for other racers, so I would love for that to work for you too. I believe in racers, I believe in the whole industry.

Let’s build a new normal, consciously and positively. That we can build a better future for racing too. For more racing topics like this, check my blogs here.

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