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Hcyang Cell Phone Holder Unboxing and Review

Have you experienced the hassle of checking your phone while driving? A real struggle just for the sake of looking at the map or GPS, right? I absolutely agree cause I experienced it as well. And here’s what I’m excited to share, I’ve got the chance to review a car accessory from HYCANG. This is a solution to the said hassle that most drivers are experiencing. So, I’m pleased to review HCYANG Car Cup Mount Holder.

Sometimes, we cannot maximize the use of our car cup holder, in may case, I don’t use it that much. I may utilize it but only the one holder and the other one remains empty. Furthermore, I keep putting my phone on the passenger seat and it rolls off while I am driving. I know it’s a bit hassle especially when there’s a need to use your cellphone too. That’s why I’m glad that I was contacted by HCYANG in order to try their upgraded cup gooseneck phone holder mount.

In this quick video, I did the unboxing so I can share with you the actual unboxing of the package and did the installation of the accessory. The box includes the manual but with its easy installation you might not be needing it cause you can easily figure out how to complete the accessory set up and its installation. 


After driving and trying the accessory, I appreciate the usefulness of this product. I love its features such as its user-friendly design, compatibility to most of the phone units and brands, and flexible cup gooseneck. Isn’t it amazing? Check it out! Here’s a link to pick one up for yourself: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RSTSYPG

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