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Tip for Racers | End of Season Posts

Racers, how do you properly thank your sponsors especially when it is the end of season? Every time that this season came, I’m seeing an “annoying” pattern that racers do whenever they thank their sponsors on social media post. That is why, I created this blog in order to highlight this big mistake cause I want you to become successful than other racers who are doing it wrong.

End of Season Social Media Post

Below is the common post that most racers are writing on social media to thank their sponsors or the people who helped them. I personally love those post that I’m seeing but there’s one big mistake in it.

Thank you to everyone for helping me you know who you are, there’s too many to name.

A post like this has already slipped a lot of opportunities that will come in the future. No sponsor would want that. It is not even effective in helping them.

Tag and Mention Your Sponsors in Your Post

If you’re dealing with companies, sometimes they are too busy with other things they do. And if you make a post without tagging them they wouldn’t know that you have talked about them. Tag and mention your sponsors so that they can be notified on their social medias. When they are tagged they can also share the post to their audience.

It’s such a simple act but it is more effective than not mentioning them at all. That if someone has never heard of the company of your sponsors, it’ll allow your audience to check them, or maybe follow them, and best it to convert them as their customers.

As a sponsor, this little spotlight that they get from the racers is such a big deal to get them exposed to your audience so keep that in mind and do your role as a sponsored racer and remember why you send them a sponsorship proposal in the first place.

If you’d like to join my new SMART Racers membership program to learn more about sponsorship, click here. Plus, I have other racing sponsorship related blogs that you can read too. 

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