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Tip for Racers | End of Season Posts

Here is a tip for racers for those end of season posts. If you’d like to join my new SMART Racers membership program, click here.

Tip for Racers:


Hey everybody, or racers, especially. I’ve been running across something on social media and I wanted to come in here and talk about a quick tip or offer a quick tip, because I’m seeing a pattern and it’s annoying. And I want you to be more successful than other racers who are doing it wrong.

What I’m talking about here is your end of season post. So if it’s at the end of the season, and you’re putting up a post on social media to thank all of your sponsors, people who have helped you, I love that, and I’m seeing a lot of that.

But there’s one big mistake that I’m seeing. And it is phrases like, well, and “thank you to everyone for helping me” you know, your sponsors, “you know who you are,” or “people who have helped me you know who you are, there’s too many to name.”

If there are “too many sponsors to name,” then you’re probably going to be looking at fewer sponsors next year if you can’t even take the time to thank them by name.

“And they know who they are.” That’s not an effective way at all. And let me dig into that a little bit and why it’s so important.

Number one, if you’re dealing with companies, a lot of times I am not going to see a post, unless I’m tagged in it. If I’m not tagged in it, I don’t even know that it exists.

I can tell you here recently that I sponsored two races. Now with one racing series, when it got close to race time, I was tagged in three posts a day. Before that I was tagged at least once a week. What it does, number one, it notifies me that my I’ve been tagged, and allows me to then share it to my audience. Also, anybody who’s new, has never heard of my company, they can click on that. And then from that series, maybe they’ll start following me, maybe they’ll start buying my products, things like that.

Whereas there’s another race that I sponsored. I even even sent them a message and said, “Please tag me in post,” Not even one tag. I mean, I don’t know if they ever said my name at all, I have no idea.

And you know, that’s one thing, especially when we’re on this side of racing, for you know, because you’re racers, and you’re in the spotlight, being a sponsor is an opportunity for that sponsor to have just a little piece of that spotlight to have a little bit of reaching the audience that you reach. And when you don’t do that, it’s more than ungrateful, it is kind of like, you know, wow, so glad I did all of that. And you can’t even take the time to mention my name or my company, it’s really hurtful in a lot of ways.

And when I look at, I don’t really do a lot of sponsorship as far as that goes. But the little bit that I do is the people that are you know, if they’re out there sponsor or promoting me a lot, and saying great things, those are the people that I stand behind, it’s really a team effort. So really, my big, big thing here is whoever you have to thank, tag them. Tag the people, tag the companies, whoever you’re grateful for. I don’t care if your post is this long with tags, then, you know, maybe say your words, but then have all of the tags those different companies on Facebook especially.

And if you’re seeing this, wherever you’re seeing this, I mean, I’ll drop in a link, I have a video to show you how to tag if you don’t really know how to tag people or companies on Facebook, I do have a video that shows how to do that. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOYW64hwX-g )

So that is my big Quick Tip of the day.

And if you want to really dive deeper into any of these things that have to do with sponsorship and marketing, I definitely want to let you know in case you weren’t haven’t heard yet, but I have a new membership program. Just click here, and you can sign up for the SMART racers membership.

Each month, we’ll be deep diving into a topic. This month, it’s sponsorship proposals. Because if you’ve been wondering, when is the best time to start looking for sponsorship? It is right now in October, because I can tell you this, any of us in the industry come January, we’re flooded, I won’t have time to talk about any of that stuff until I won’t see the light of day until April or May. So I that is the last thing I’m going to be talking about when the first of the year comes around.

If you’re looking for sponsorship, right now is when you should be getting your stuff together and contacting companies. Maybe it’s different on a local level. Maybe you can do that a little bit closer to when the next race season is, but anywhere within the industry, anybody who’s attached to it, now’s the time to do it.

So in the membership, this month’s issue is all about sponsorship proposals. I even have tutorial videos in there to show you how to use software to create your own sponsorship proposal. And it’s only $20 a month. So I’ll drop a link in here too. And so that way you can click on over and join the SMART racers membership.

I want to thank you for watching today and I hope that tip is helpful for you and I will look forward to seeing you in another video.