How to Download Your Facebook Live Videos

One of the common questions that I’ve been seeing in the Facebook group lately is about its live video. Most people are asking, how to download Facebook live videos and use them on other platforms such as Youtube. I know, it’s a little bit frustrating whenever there are changes happening within the Facebook platform. Now you know how to do it, the next day you don’t, and we can never expect the next thing that’s going to happen.

And whenever there are changes happening on Facebook, we really have to learn it. That’s why I created a quick tutorial video to show you how to easily download this live video.

Did you know that you can quickly download your video in just few easy steps? Follow this guide:
  1. Go to your Facebook account;
  2. Select the Facebook live video you want to download;
  3. Click the video;
  4. Click the 3 little dots at the upper right corner (desktop version);
  5. Select “Download Video”;
  6. Check your Downloads folder;
  7. Repurpose your video for other platforms.

Absolutely this is one easy step-by-step guide that you can follow so that the next time you need a copy of your Facebook live video it’s just readily available. If you like this blog, feel free to check my other blogs about social media

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