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Sponsorship Tips from Racer Matt Shipley

“If you’re not a team that has unlimited funding, (the SMART Racers program) is a MUST.”

– Matt Shipley, Shipley Racing

I got the chance talking to Matt Shipley from Shipley Racing. Matt has been my student in my program since it started in 2019, we also knew each other even before then. In this interview, you’ll get to know the first-hand experience of a student from Winning Motorsports Marketing. Know from him why you have to consider getting involved with Winning Motorsports Marketing.

Matt Shipley and SMART Racers Program

Matt emphasized that being a team with limited funding, it is a must that you change the way you approach and maintain sponsors. For him, it’s a game changer. He did a lot of research about the product they promote, the kind of viewership they have, and other channels that are basically involve. Then they put it together and present it to the target sponsors.

In 2019, Matt and his son were part of my SMART Racers Program. It’s a father and son for one deal, and it is a unique approach to people. For Matt, it’s his way to connect, since most people go to the tracks as family. And it worked for them, that even they don’t win races all the time nor a Lucas champions, yet they come up with a creative way that people could relate.

Being a business owner while getting sponsors

Matt is an owner and operator of a repair and towing company and his biggest sponsor was a dealership. Sounds a challenging one but Matt was able to handle it. In order to make the partnership a beneficial to both parties, Matt offered all his drivers to recommend vehicles to go to his sponsor when they are picking up for a tow. It’s his way to promote and make a return of investment to his sponsor.

Partnership not sponsorship

The relationship that Matt builds with his sponsors is, for him, a “partnership”, rather than using the word “sponsorship”. Because he works for them, he’s hired to advertise them and represent the company the way they want to be represented. The things that Matt learned from my program are theoretically distinctive but it’s a whole different way of applying it.

At Winning Motorsports Marketing, we are grateful to have Matt’s team in our program. If you want to learn how to get sponsors, maintain, and give value to them, check our program. Want to read more about racing sponsorship blogs? Check it here

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