Winning Races vs Promoting | Takeaways from PRI

Have you watched my instant popular video recently? Cause before this blog, I made a quick video a few hours before the trade show started. I created a blog and posted it on my Winning Motorsports Marketing page and group with a topic about Stop Sending Sponsorship Proposals the Suck.

Interesting because the blog became popular just after publishing it. Some of my manufacturers have watched it but they cannot absolutely comment on it, share, and like it even if they can totally relate to it. And I understand. We just both feel the frustrations from the sponsorship proposals we’ve been receiving that don’t properly address the needs between the sponsors and the racer itself. To understand the story about this, watch the video here.
Winning Races vs Promoting Sponsors

But in this blog, I would like to address the topic that’s been creating a little bit of confusion about the relevance of winning a bunch of races to get sponsors vs promoting really well. And with the different manufacturers that I had this conversation with, the situation is a case to case basis.

Whether you win a race or promote your sponsors, weighing its importance depends on different factors. But I have one manufacturer who candidly answered that they are after the promotion. They are really looking for marketing their business.

Of course, every racers want sponsors but that comes with being a good marketer. If you can be seen as someone who can promote really well, that would totally make a big difference for you. In my course, I have several interviews with different manufacturers to which you can get some tips straight from these sponsors.

Another thing that I’d like to suggest to racers is to grab sponsors from your local community and don’t just relay for the racing industry to provide that. 
Do you have to win races before getting sponsors?

The answer is NO. Regardless of the races that a racer wins if you can’t promote your sponsors appropriately and effectively that won’t matter to them. Indeed, sponsors were looking for the number of win races but that has shifted in the last few years because of social media and video.

Winning races and being good at promotion is like living in the perfect world. That’s why you see these guys, out of nowhere, winning races. Why? Because they’ve got sponsors. Some of them got the best equipment through the help of sponsorship. Plus, it’s putting themselves out there and not being afraid. And whether you’re afraid to get out or not knowing what to do join my Winning Motorsports Marketing. Click here.