Driven by Social with Megan Meyer

Instagram has my biggest followers, but Facebook has the better ROI for me.

– Megan Meyer

I’ve got the chance to have one-on-one interview with the 2019 Top Alcohol Dragster Champion and the Fastest Female Driver, Megan Meyer. This young lady has made smooth strategies on building her brand in the racing industry. Let me share with you some of the highlights of my interview with her.

We’ve got great tips from Megan as she shared how she was able to manage getting huge amount of followers and build her brand in the racing industry. Clue, she managed to market herself properly and approached sponsors appropriately.

How do you create your posts on social media?

Show yourself. When you post a photo, make sure your appearance can be seen in it. One good sample, take a photo of your car with you standing next to it. It’s far effective than taking a photo of your car alone and post it on your social media.

Lifestyle takes you to another level of authenticity. Add to your posts some of your activities or interests that outside racing. Plus, photos that are taken through phone are better than professional ones.

Be consistent. Show your consistency on when to post on your social media. Try to figure out how much time you can spare just to create your content and be consistent with that. 

Content batching is a time-saver rather than creating then posting a post the same day. Try it! It will absolutely save your time and use it for other useful stuff.

Marketing and Sponsorship

Once you have your sponsor, build a strong relationship with them. Megan shared that she made sure she has a good relationship with the marketing team of her sponsors. It’s a way of gaining their trusts about yourself too.

Do what you can do for your sponsors that they can’t to for themselves. Megan has one brand where she has a way higher number of followers than her sponsor’s. That thing is a clear indication that you have something that your sponsor doesn’t have which you can use to help them.

I know one of your great question will be about the funding. Right? To get sponsors that will give you a monetary sponsorship, try to search in your area. Try to figure out local companies that you can work with that can either be located near your local track or local town.

My interview with Megan Meyer is absolutely fun and light. Cause we are on the same page talking topics about social media marketing and sponsorship in the racing industry. I really enjoyed this interview and hope you will too. Here are some links we mention in the video– Megan’s Driven by Social Course:

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