Top Reasons to Have a Facebook Page for Your Race Team

Since I created my Winning Motorsports Marketing Facebook group I’ve been receiving questions that I should start addressing publicly for the benefit of other racers who may have the same questions like the ones I am going to discuss here. If you haven’t check my page yet, my community is dedicated for racers who are challenged to market and promote their race team, so if you’re one of them, let me guide you with the foundation of promoting your race team.

The most common way to promote anything is through social media. Though to make an effective promotion, you have to study where your target market can be commonly found. In the racing industry, majority of the racers can be found on Facebook platform. I know you ain’t surprise that it’s indeed the common one. But this blog won’t bore you with Facebook’s technicality. Rather, this discusses the reasons why Facebook Page is beneficial for racers to promote the team.

Facebook Page Pitfalls

Putting up a Facebook page isn’t a one-day process, in fact, it’s a commitment that everyone must take seriously in order to aim for whatever goal you set. Here are the things that you have to watch out once your page is up:

Post Consistently – this doesn’t mean posting everyday, instead, it’s posting with a consistent schedule. It can either be on Monday, your schedule for the next racing and the following day the post is about how you did from that racing.

Answer Messages – make sure you pay attention to the messages you get from your page and respond to them immediately.

Everyone starts at zero – start by inviting your family or friends and make sure to use your personal Facebook account to inform your friend list that you have a racing page.

Why create a Page?

Now that we have identified some of the pitfalls of creating a Facebook page, let’s dig deep to the reasons why it’s still better to have a Facebook page.

Personal Profile Limited to 5000 friends

As soon as you have the chance to build your Facebook page fan base, start it now. You may have your 5,000 followers on your personal Facebook profile, however, this limits you to have that maximum capacity. And that’s the end of it. So be sure to build your community with the right platform.

Separate personal and racing posts

Racing is a lifestyle. Who wouldn’t agree with that! Most of us have a misconception of stirring both their personal and business posts. It’s totally fine, it happens. But there will be a point where you would want to be a person than being a business owner. That’s what I do. Before you get overwhelmed, make sure you have a distinct profile for your personal Facebook account and a Facebook page for your business.

More reasons why…

Let Sponsors know that you’re serious

Having a Facebook page lets you deal professionally and business owners will find you being committed with what you’re doing. They’ll trust you that you can give them the best exposure through your own set of market.

Allows companies to share your posts

In connection to the above key point, your Facebook page will allow your posts to be shared publicly by your audience or even your sponsors. There’s no thing as “private” post in a Facebook page. Everything is set publicly. Imagine tagging your sponsors in a post, when thanking them. A Facebook page post is automatically sets as public that can be seen and shared by everyone.

Your Competition has a page

Don’t let yourself behind with what’s the latest! Your competition will surely work hard to be on the trend or as much as possible keep with what is the latest. Nobody wants to be left behind on the track neither on the marketing. Make sure you’re where your competitors are.

Great way to direct traffic to your website

Yes! You need a website. Your Facebook page can be a great platform to send your audience to whatever platform you want to bring them in, one of which is your website. (Read: Website for Racers)

Knowing some of these keypoints, I hope it convinces you to start building a Facebook page for your race team. It’s not too late to start! And if you have questions after reading this, feel free to drop it in the comment section or visit Crate Insider Facebook page. I am more than happy to help the racers do better in marketing.

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