What to Do When a Potential Sponsor Ghosts You

We received a great question in our Facebook group–what to do when a potential sponsor ghosts you. One of the members said that he’s been in discussions with the potential sponsor for about a month and then suddenly didn’t get a response. He followed up through a phone call, sent an email and a message on LinkedIn but hear nothing.

I know this situation sounds familiar to you cause we all face it. We all thought that things seems to be going well and then there’s the silence, the worst place to be. But let’s face the truth, this is where a lot of people drop off. But you should never stop here, this is a place where you really have to keep going. Keep going without being annoying, so let me share with you some tips to make it possible.

Tips for Being Persistent Without Being Annoying

Look on Social Media

We live in a world today where we have lots of options and advantages that we can take, one of which is social media. Try to find out things beyond their business. Maybe there’s something that went wrong with their family, maybe there’s a health issue, or maybe they are on a vacation. This may sound like a summer stalker but you just want to give a benefit of the doubt. You don’t need to let them know but only to see a red flag, if there’s any. If you think there’s no reason to stop, you’d know how you continue your approach.

Use the form of Communication that Person Uses the Most

This next tip is to use the form of communication that people show you that they enjoy using the most. In my case, I am flexible and I do everything like by email, direct messages on Instagram, call, text message, messenger, or Snapchat. I don’t even know which one to use however they contact me, I’ll do my best to get back to them as soon as possible. Believe me, half of my life is communication.

Follow up When You Say You’ll Follow up

Make sure that you keep your word when you say you’d follow up. Follow the time and date that you mentioned on your call to your potential sponsor. When you say Monday, 9 o’clock in the morning pick up that phone according to the schedule. Give two or three days increment to let them off the hook. No need to feel guilty, but be polite and say that they may be busy or so. This shows that you’re relentless and that’s what it comes down to.

Continue Until You Get a No

Give Them an Out

Be Polite and Professional

Do you have a favorite tip? Feel free to leave a comment.