Unboxing and Review of Switchpod

Are you a vlogger that shoots video while moving or walking? Or maybe someone who doesn’t want to bring heavy and complicated tools just to put up your camera. All vloggers can relate, right? I’ve been experiencing those challenges too, I love my Joby Gorillapod, but just like others it has advantages and disadvantages too. That is why, I am reviewing this new tool that, absolutely, vloggers would love to have!

A Kickstarter Project

I’ve been following Pat Flynn, and together with his friend Caleb, they’ve come up with this useful tool that every vloggers would wanted to have, just as I did. They have launched their Switchpod, a Kickstarter project. Switchpod is such an amazing tool. I’ve made a quick video tutorial on how you can easily use it. In fact, I have already used it from the previous event that I’ve attended. Swithcpod is absolutely a game changer,

It’s amazing to see how Switchpod can be useful to everyone who’s shooting videos. And I hope you can give it a try! Check my coupon code below. And if you love this blog, check my other video equipment related blogs too.

You can buy yours here.

Use coupon code MAKETHESWITCH for $10 off (expires 12-31-19).

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