Websites for Racers | Review of Race Page Pro

I have talked to and seen different racers who are challenged in promoting their race team. If you think you’re in this situation, try to evaluate what you have and what you are doing. One basic step to take is to create a checklist of your promotions, sponsorship, your social media, and your website. Among this checklist, I’d like to deep dive into the topic regarding websites for race car drivers.

Being into different businesses, I am handling multiple websites as well. So I have a lot of experience with making some really bad calls on platforms and all kinds of things. I have identified the pros and cons of different platforms. And people have known me doing this as one of my personal brandings. Given that, I always receive different questions from racers and the most common question that I get is, does a racer really need to have a website? Let’s get into details about whether a racer needs to have a website or not.

Social Media vs Website

A lot of racers may be thinking that having a website for their race team is just the least option on their list but this is a huge misconception of most people. Everyone must know that a website is a great tool aside from social media platforms, especially when seeking out sponsorship. The combinations of these tools provide a lot of value to your audience. However, there’s one thing that we cannot keep from social media compared to having a website, and that’s the ownership of your audience.

On social media, we don’t really know what’s going to happen. That’s a fact! Facebook, for instance, we have zero control over this platform. They could just decide anytime that we are not going to have our pages. Sometimes, there are pieces of information that you can’t find in your post. Most importantly, we really can’t reach the audience that we want to reach. These are just some of the social media flaws that on the other hand are great advantages when you have a website. But in spite of that, I won’t deny that social media is such a powerful platform.

When to Have a Website?

I am a little surprised when I ran into a lot of racers and heard that they’ve been thinking on a thought that a racer must reach a certain level before having a website. This statement is absolutely not true at all. Even if you haven’t run your first race, a website must already be in place. However, a website must be maintained and updated. It’s a responsibility that a racer must be committed to.

Reach out to a developer or to your folks who can maintain a website for racecar drivers. A platform like Race Page Pro is a great tool to use because it is specifically designed for racers by racers. The owner, David Chamber, whom I’ve actually met, is also a racer for more than 40 years. He designed this website management tool to help a racer promote their race team through the website.

I’m gonna walk you through Alex Hendren’s website as he uses Race Page Pro. Let’s take a look at how it works, and how great this is for racers. Watch here.

Advantages of Race Page Pro:

  1. There are lots of different ways to log in if you have several websites
  2. The backend is the same as frontend interface. It’s easy to use
  3. It’s already setup and can be changed real time
  4. For racer’s schedules that are outdated, it will be automatically wiped out
  5. Simple, easy to use, and lot of choices that are already prepopulated
  6. You can easily add videos (5 Tips for Getting Over the Fear of Looking Stupid on Video)
  7. You can customize your website using your phone
  8. Race Page Pro is Responsive – Your website is both web and mobile optimize

These are just some of the advantages of using Race Page Pro. I’d suggest to all racers out there to start investing and putting up a website for your race team. It’s totally a game-changer when it comes to promoting and getting sponsors for your team.

What website management tool are you using for your website?


Here are some tips along with an overview of the Race Page Pro platform that was developed specifically for racers.  You can find them at