5 Tips for Getting Over the Fear of Looking Stupid on Video

Shooting video can seem complicated and down right scary at first. In my Winning Motorsports Marketing Facebook group, I created a poll asking what holds users back from shooting video. Some of my recipients had fears of looking stupid on camera. So I want to address some basic, but not always obvious, tips to shoot so that anyone can be confident with the outcome of their video.

Here are 5 tips to help you shoot video so that you can gain confidence, communicate with your fans, and reward your sponsors.

Research the Topic

Whatever topic you’re going with, you want to make sure you research it at least a little bit. Be prepared.

Talk to the Camera as a Person

When you’re shooting a video, don’t think about it like you’re talking to a camera. Instead, envision that there’s a real person on the other side of that camera. 

Look at the Lens

Make sure you look at the lens of your device. This is especially important when you’re shooting in selfie mode. It is very tempting to make eye contact with yourself, but it ends up looking awkward and takes away from the connection with your viewer.

Try to Limit “Umms” and “Ahhs”

This is SO hard to do, but gets easier with practice. Avoid umms and ahhhs as much as possible. A pause is better than an umm. It’s normal that you have those filler words, I have them too. I tend to use “and” or “so” just to fill the air. It happens. It is part of being real, but try to limit them. Too many creates distraction and takes away from your message.

Prepare Bullet Points

This is an easy “cheat” that can be a big help. Make a few notes and some bullet points to keep track of what you’re talking about.

A very important concept to keep in mind is that (most of the time) a video isn’t for you. It’s for your audience. Think of how you can help your viewer. Not only is it true, but it helps to take a bit of pressure off of yourself and your own ego.

I’ve found that the people who would like me in person are the same people who enjoy my videos. Sure, there are trolls and mean people in the world.

Don’t let your fear hold you back.

When you hold yourself back, you’re also holding back an opportunity for your audience.

I would love to see you make your first video, if you haven’t done it already. If you’re interested in some technical help, check out my Tips for Shooting VideoTips for Setting up, or How to do an Unboxing Video (this is one of my favorite video types.

Have a question? Feel free to drop it in the comments.


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