How to Turn a $10 Product into Thousands in Sponsorship

How possible it is to get thousands of dollars by just promoting a product with a very minimal price? Here are the steps of taking a $10 product and turning your promotion into thousands of dollars in sponsorship.

Daytona 1 Challenge

This all started when I talked to Daytona 1 about promoting them and keeping the energy alive in the racing industry. Honestly, I thought of reaching out to people that would help me with the promotion. Rather than being into a “rich get richer” situation, I choose the one that’s beneficial to the racers.

The idea about this promotion is to give value to consumers and reach potential sponsor by using the product. By making a video, expect that someone’s gonna share it. Therefore, there’s gonna be an engagement between you as a racer, Crate Insider as a retailer, and Daytona1 as a manufacturer. Reviewing a product will give value to other racers who’s looking at the same product with the interest of knowing more about it.

To help you introduce and get involved with potential sponsors, here’s Winning Motor Sports Marketing. Moreover, you can include the said video to your portfolio showing sponsors of what you’re already doing. The Daytona 1 Challenge is a great way to kick start the process. See further details here


To sum up, Daytona 1 Challenge is: (1) sponsorship; (2) builds your portfolio; and (3) attracts new sponsors. That’s how taking a $10 product can easily turn to thousands of dollars in sponsorship. If you are ready to take your race team marketing to the next level, join me in the SMART Racers program. Check it out here.

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